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7) The third album “Every Last Time”, another great masterpiece, was released from Revelation Records. I believe this record was success in Japan. My friends from university had band covering songs from this album. How was it feel to be with Revelation Records, which I think was turning point of becoming EMO label from Hard Core label?

Being on Revelation was a big moment for us. We grew up listening to the hardcore bands on the label and watched them grow and expand to include a wider variety of music. At the time, Revelation had fantastic melodic rock and emo bands like Sense Field, Texas Is The Reason, Shades Apart and Farside. We felt connected to those bands and the post-hardcore/emo scene and thought that Revelation would be the perfect home for our band. Also, at that time I began playing guitar and writing a lot more for the band. Adding another guitar to the band caused our sound to evolve and mature. It was an exciting time for us.

8) The 5th album “Four To Go” was released from Doghouse Records. I had impression that the sound became more of rock. Was there any change in the band?

That was the first album we made without Paul Martin, our original bassist. It was sad to lose Paul since he was the one who pioneered our sound from the beginning. We asked Guy Julian to join the band. Guy is also a great bassist but it slightly changed the dynamic of the band.

9) Then, it was very sad moment for the fans. Breakup of the band. Could you tell us the reason of breakup?

There were a couple years of problems and lack of communication that led up to this, but it also felt like it all happened suddenly. Each member had a different idea of what the band meant to them. We were getting to an age where we couldn’t justify the band as a hobby, but we weren’t big enough to make the band our career and do it full time. We were starting families and working full time jobs. Steve quit the band and moved to New York to join a band on a major label called Instruction. When that happened I felt so exhausted by the idea of trying to keep the band going I felt like it was time to stop. I believe it was the same week ‘Four To Go’ was released. It was a very unhappy ending.

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