GAMEFACE来日まであと二ヶ月!ボーカル/ギターのJeff Caudillに直撃インタビュー!

10) During the 10 years of Gameface being inactive, the band like New Found Glory, The Ataris, who are doing what they are doing because of Gameface, became huge and successful. How did you feel about those bands expressing their feeling toward Gameface and how influential Gameface was to them?

I like that New Found Glory pays respect to Gameface. Honestly, I haven’t heard many of the successful pop punk bands acknowledge Gameface as an influence but I have to let that stuff go. Everything comes from something that came before it. Music is a never-ending cycle. It’s a waste of time to wonder why some bands get big while others don’t. Of course I feel like Gameface should have been more popular than we are, but I also kind of love that we are pop punk’s best kept secret.

11) After the breakup, Jeff had solo project and forming the band Your Favorite Trainwreck and March. How about Todd, Steve, and Guy? Are you working on solo project and/or forming a band?

We all have, and are currently working on other music. Guy, Todd and Steve had a band called New Liar’s Club. Todd is currently working on a project called Stereo Ghosts. I’ve been releasing solo records since 2004. I have another project scheduled for next year.

12) Reunited! Reunion shows! And, “Now is what matters now” was released from Equal Vision Records in 2014. What a wonderful comeback album! Please tell us what triggered the Gameface reunion.

Ten years was enough time to make the reasons that we broke up seem insignificant. Although we had talked about it a couple years before it, the impetus for the reunion was the 25th Anniversary of Revelation Records. We decided we would try to get together again in order to play at the Rev25 shows in California and New York. Once we began rehearsing for that, it was very clear that playing in Gameface was fun again. At first, we had only agreed to play some reunion shows. I had even told the rest of the band that I did not want to write any new music and that we would only play the old songs. The powerful thing about playing music is that it can inspire you to create – whether you want it to or not. As we continued to play shows – and just be together again, I began writing many new songs. They just kept coming. After we played ‘Come One Down’ for the first time, it was clear that there would be more new Gameface music coming. I’m so happy that we pursued making this album. It was a great experience and helped to erase the bad times from ten years before. I feel like I say all that I ever wanted to say with ‘Now Is What Matters Now’.

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