GAMEFACE来日まであと二ヶ月!ボーカル/ギターのJeff Caudillに直撃インタビュー!

16) All members of Gameface have family, career and balancing to be professional musician. In that kind of living environment, what does continue to be in active band mean to you?

Being able to still play in this band is a blessing and a privilege. I want to continue making music and playing with Gameface as long as there is a good balance with our families. We are very lucky that there are still Gameface fans who want to see us play. I try to not take this for granted.

17) This will be your first time in Japan. What sort of feeling or expectation do you have for Japan? Do you have any favorite Japanese food? Please give message to Japanese fans, who have been waiting to see Gameface for 20 years!

We are so excited to come to Japan! I think it is going to be an incredible experience. I love Japanese culture and food – all of it! I came to Japan for a solo show in 2010 and I had an amazing time. It will mean so much to be there with Gameface. We have been a band for so long and we have done many tours but I think coming to Japan will be one of our favorite moments. I hope to talk with many Japanese fans. Thank you so much for creating this opportunity for us. We are excited to share our music with you and make great memories.

Thank you!

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